I love your blog! And I feel oddly happy that you and your boyfriend got together on my birthday! Have a long happy relationship!!!!!!!! <3

Aww… Thanks so much!

When how and where did u meet your boyfriend and how old are you. I'm in high school and there's like no out guys at least none into me. I feel like I'll never find that special guy😠

Lol well we met on Grindr almost 3 years ago. I was just a tease so we didn’t even meet until almost a year after we started texting…. Then it was all downhill after that. Here I am 23 and he 25, and we’ve been together almost 2 1/2 years.

You just need to give it time. Don’t stress on finding someone, it’ll ruin high school for you (the constant searching, that is). If you find someone, great. If not, don’t worry, you have plenty of time. And it’s much easier in college. =)

Do you have any lesbian friends?

Lol, yes I do. My boyfriend’s sister is a lesbian. She and her girlfriend are getting married at the end of the month.

Soakin’ up some sun with my love <3

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Soakin’ up some sun with my love <3

Post a selfie !!!

So there's this guy i really like and i'm like 99% sure that he's either gay or bisexual but i'm not completely sure. I talked to him before but not by myself and i really wanna get to know him but how do u think i should have my convo with him?

That’s really up to you. You gotta figure out what you guys have in common. Just introduce yourself and see where it goes

Where are you both from?

Southern California =)

Hi! I'm Borja :) Nice to meet you. How are you? Maybe you like my blog. It's about boys <3 Check it out! XOXO

Hi there! You’re blog is quite nice. Lots of good scenery ;p